The CPR course is a five-hour American Heart Association Healthcare Provider curriculum. Each student has his or her own mannequin to practice with. This means no sharing, no cross-contamination, and no waiting in line to practice (this eliminates a great deal of wasted time and increases “hands on” practice time).

It includes; 1 & 2 rescuer Adult, 1 & 2 rescuer child, and 1 & 2 rescuer infant CPR. It also includes the Heimlich (choking) maneuver for the Adult, Child, and Infant - conscious and unconscious. It includes how to use barrier devices such as a pocket mask and the Bag Valve Mask. And finally, it has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) module.

The cost for this class is $35.00 per student. Note: This is a two-year certification.

This cost does not include the cost of the BLS text. The American Heart Association requires that all students have the required BLS text prior to, and during the course. The students can purchase their own BLS book from several AHA approved vendors, or they can arrange to check one out from our library*.

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Please see our calendar for dates of upcoming classes.

* Library supplies are limited.

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