Company History

TNT Medical Education was founded in 1994 on a philosophy that a fun, low stress, learning environment is much more pleasant to participate in than one that is boring, intimidating, or stressful. It all began because we love to share knowledge with others. While working as Firefighters and Paramedics, we expanded beyond educating Fire Department and Medical professionals and soon began to teach increasingly advanced and diversified courses to a wide variety of medical and non-medical groups.

We have grown and now we teach several medical and safety courses in which we try to energize our students, and create a positive learning environment. One of the most satisfying things about teaching these classes is when students tell us that it was the “Best class they have ever taken”, “Really enjoyed it”, or that they “have had many other classes, but this is the first time we felt that we could really do the skills on someone”. We enjoy teaching and we think it shows! However, there has been no greater proof of our ability to convey the information than when people come up to us and tell us that they used the skills we taught them to save the life of their child or loved one. That’s what it’s all about!

When you take a course with us we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way…


  • We are an authorized American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training site. We are also a Training Center for the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). Our courses are taught in accordance with the guidelines of the agency whose course we are teaching.

  • The majority of our instructors are currently practicing Fire / Rescue Paramedics, who are licensed at either the State and/or National level. Most instructors hold both the American Heart Association and ASHI certifications, as well as other State, National, and International certifications.

  • What this means is that you will be instructed by professionals who have really done CPR on, or provided Advanced Life Support for, actual people.

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